Guided trekking excurtions on Lake Como Mountains


Guided trekking excurtions on Lake Como Mountains


Do you want to discover the most beautiful peaks of Lake Como Mountains,

accompained in security by an expert alpin guide?

We presesent the calendar of the guided excurtions that we have thought for the summer 2018. You will find ONE DAY TREKKING and  TWO DAYS TREKKING , accompained by the Alpine Guides of Lario and Grigne with lot of different itineraries.

Click on the date that interests you and go to the record card to know the program, costs and details of every excurtion:



Booking Conditions:

  • The cost of the one day trekking excurtion is € 20 per person and includes only the accompaniment of the guide. Lunch is not included. The payment will be done at the moment. Children under 18 years old accompanied by an adult doesn’t pay the guide.
  • The total cost of the two days trekking is € 56 per person ( € 28 a day per person). The payment will be done at the moment to the guide. Children under 18 years old accompanied by an adult doesn’t pay the guide.
  • For trekking of two days Lake Como Mountains will give you all the informations about conventionned mountain-huts to make the reservation. The conventionned price is € 56 per person, with payment directly on site: dinner ( drinks not included), bed, bes sheet, breakfast, packed lunch of second day (sandwich, drink, fruit and sweet). The underages pay the mountain-hut like adults. The payment will be done at the moment to the mountain-hut.
  • The trekking excurtions touch differents destination of our mountains and they have various difficulty. Click on every link to know the details. Before the departure consult also the guide with our advices MLC – Consigli per trekking con guide 2018.
  • To the trekking can partecipate adults and childern, that doesn’t pay the excurtion, but they have to be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you want, you have the possibility to have lunch in a mountain-hut with conventioned price, with all other partecipants. Otherwise bring your package lunch.
  • Where is possible, will be added the visit in pastures or in farmhouse in zone, so you can tasty the authentic flavours of the territory.
  • Excurtions will take place with a minimum of 7 partecipants.
  • Attention: you can book your excurtion till 2 days befor the planned date. Our C.U.P. is available from monday to friday from 9 to 1 p.m.

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  • Cost one day excurtion € 20 per person. Lunch is not included. Minors accompanied by an adult doesn't pay the guide.
  • Cost two days trekking € 110 per person (€ 28 per day the guide + € 54 half board in the mountain-hut). Minors accompanied by an adult doesn'te pay the giude, but only the mountain-hut.

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    Address:Piazza IV Novembre, 1, 23832 Crandola Valsassina LC, Italia
    Phone:+39 3475102227 o +39 3336906121
    Dates:From 17/06/2018 to 26/08/2018
    Price:€ 20 a persona per il solo accompagamento




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