Alpe Camaggiore (alp)

Photo credits: Valeria Viglienghi


Alpe Camaggiore is a small pasture overlooking the lake, in the area of Bellano – Vendrogno. It’s famous for the beautiful views over Bellano and Dervio that can be enjoyed from there. Camaggiore is a destination for families relaxation and recreation and for sun and walk lovers.

It can be reached by car, starting from Vendrogno and going up from Sanico along the winding road taking to the hamlets of S. Grato, Busè and Tedoldo (from Sanico it’s about 10 minutes drive).

Leave the car at the end of the carriage road and continue on foot for about 15 minutes along the scenic agricultural, farming and woodland road leading to the alp. With a special permit the place can also be reached by car (contact Vendrogno Municipality to ask for it).

A wooden signpost announces the arrival in Camaggiore “The Pearl of the Muggiasca” where the mountain chalets can be seen. Nowadays the chalets are completely renovated and used as a holiday homes.

Go past the chalets there’s a plateau with green lawns shaded by birch trees, a kids’ playground and several picnic tables.

Just beyond and overlooking the lake are the astonishing church and the huge iron cross whose 50th anniversary is celebrated in 2015. From here there’s a not-to-miss view.

In just a few more steps there’s another well-shot place “Il Cantun della Breva”: it’s an area of the lake where the wind blows so strong to have bent a birch tree.

Moving on for another few hundred meters there’s a flat and green area with views over the lake, Mount Legnoncino, Mount Legnone and Valvarrone.

The road continues and it’s possible to take a walk in the wood. The signposts show the possibility to reach S. Ulderico church in Giumello, but the path is rarely used and here and there can be hard to follow (time needed: approx. 45 minutes). From Camaggiore you can instead go up to Giumello from the steep but easy to climb path leading to Pra Bolscino (time needed: 1 hour and 45’) or take the path leading to S. Grato (time needed: 1 hour) or go down to Dervio.

All these itineraries are perfect for mountain bike as well.


Address:Località Sanico, 2 Vendrogno LC


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