Church of St Mary in Mandello

Photo credits: Alberto Locatelli


The Church of Saint Mary ( 661 m ) is a sanctuary built in XI sec. that is situated on Grigna Settentrionale ( Northen Grigna ), near an ancient transport route that links Mandello del Lario to Valsassina.

This religious place is reachable going thrugh a stone route , dipped in the nature , that cross various chapels of the Way of the Cross , here you can also see the Chapel of St Preda ( Saint Brigida ).

The Romanesque church , dedicated to Virgin Mary , presents only one aisle and hosts some frescoes and a sixteenth-century painting. Over time, the construction was extented to host wanderers , but it has almost completely mantained its native aspect : as can be seen from the bells tower. Even though , the walls give an imponent and difensive aspect to the building and offer to the visitors an amazing landscape.

The climb to the church is suitable to everybody and it would be consider like a proper destination for half day excursions , it is reachable by Somana , in 30 minutes following trail signs 15 or 17.

It is also possible to carry out some excursions from the Church of Saint Mary :

  • to Alpe of Era in 1 hour following trail signs 15 ( church 832 m ) o 17 ( Cà di Angiolitt 991 m, Cà Carizzoni )
  • to Zucco of Sileggio ( 1372 m ) in 2 hours following trail signs 17 / 17A (route Alpe of Era , Cà di Angiolitt e Bocchetta di Verdascia)
  • to Zucco of Sileggio ( 1372 m ) in 1 hour and 45 minutes following trail signs 17B ( route Zucco di Tura ) – the final stretch could be passed using metallic staircases ( 30 m ) or crossing a more comfortable route.

We are grateful to CAI Grigne – Mandello del Lario section for the information , for more details go to the website :

Photos by Alberto Locatelli


Address:Somana, Mandello del Lario, LC, Italia


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