Church S. Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona ed Uniti

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


The Church of St. Maria del Tiglio of Gravedona ed Uniti is located next to the parish church of St. Vincent, near the Lake Como shore.

It is part of an ancient architectural complex, consisting of the church and the bell tower that is grafted onto the facade. The facade of the church is singular: in the central position, above the entrance, is placed the bell tower, with square plan in the first stretch and octagonal plan at the top.

The the stone masonry are made with horizontal bands in Musso marble alternating with the courses made with blocks of gray stone.

The interior is characterized on the two side walls by arches to three fornics, supported by columns, , above which flows a loggia while the back wall has three terminal absidis.

Exposed stone masonry preserves portions of frescoes dating back to different eras. Among these, the most important are a Universal Judgment, Stories of St. John the Baptist and a 12th-century Wooden Crucifix.



Indirizzo:Chiesa di Santa Maria del Tiglio, Piazza XI Febbraio, Gravedona ed Uniti, CO, Italia
Telefono:+39 034485291


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