Corenno Plinio the One Thousand Steps Village

Photo credits: Enrico Minotti


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The village of Corenno Plinio is one of the most characteristic corners of Lake Como, a place where you can still experience a strong historical suggestion and imagine the events of the lake during the Middle Ages. The village is of medieval origin and develops around the cobbled square, where the castle and the church stand with the tomb arches of the counts nestled on the promontory that descends towards the lake. Walking along the staircases carved into the rock and venturing into the alleys of the village you will discover villas, ancient portals and glimpses, that will make you take a step back in time, until you reach the ancient pier where you can admire a charming view on Lake Como.

Discover the village with Augmented Reality

Discover Corenno Plinio through the thematic paths designed to enhance the village, identified with the most representative characters of the time and discover all the curiosities about the One Thousand Steps Village through the Augmented Reality thanks to which you can explore 21 points of interest with texts, images and videos from points of view not accessible to the public.

Discover the village on:

Access every day of the year by payment of contribution

  • Ordinary: €4,00;
  • Reduced: €3,00; age between 10-18 years old and groups of more than 20 people
  • By visiting the Torre Orezia in Dervio it’s possible to take advantage of the Reduced rate
  • Free entry for children < 10 years and residents

How to reach the village

  • By car driving through the SS 36 e SP 72;
  • By train arriving at the Dervio railway station and walking along the stretch of the Sentiero del Viandante that passing by the Tower of Orezia leads to the One Thousand Steps Village;
  • By train arriving at railway station of Dorio and walking along the lakeside walk from Dorio to Corenno Plinio;
  • By boat mooring at the pier in the beach of the village

Foto di Enrico Minotti, Enza Difalco, Carlo Borlenghi, Massimo Bertucci, Raffaele Photo, Silvio Sandonini, Violetta Pia.


Address:Corenno Plinio, Dervio, LC, Italia


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