Embrasure of Artesso


The embrasure of Artesso in Sueglio in Valvarrone is a fortification of the Cadorna Line, which was built between 1916 and 1917 between the Valtellina and Valchiavenna. The fortified positions were connected by foxholes, military redoubt and covered walkways. In Artesso the plateform were set as an amphitheater and pointed toward the lake. Nowadays some towers and connecting tunnels can be seen and dedicated signposts provide extensive explanations on the subject along with historical background.

The site is located within the pretty hamlet of Roccoli Artesso (1210 m.a.s.l.) surrounded by green forests of larch and pine trees at the foot of Legnoncino.

It can be reached from the Valvarrone provincial road nr. 67 going up from Dervio or down from Premana. Once in the village of Sueglio from the town center take the paved road on the right (follow the signpost to Bellano Mountain hut). The road, going slightly uphill, gets to Artesso after several hairpin bends (distances: 14 km from Dervio, approx. 30 minutes drive).

Once close to the village it’s possible to leave the car in a large car park.

Here there’s a small lake surrounded by pine trees and an area equipped with large picnic tables and benches.

The signposts along the trail display: embrasure 5 minutes and foxholes 30 minutes.

From here it’s possible to can reach the hamlet of Sommafiume (time needed: 15 minutes) and Posallo (time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes).


Address:Roccoli di Artesso, Sueglio LC


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