From Cainallo to Mount Croce summit


The route leads to the discovery of the Mount Croce, located above Esino Lario, with remarkable views over Grigna and Lake Como. It’s a simple walk suitable to everyone. It’s possible to proceed on a more challenging loop-path leading to Bocchetta di Prada and Bietti mountain hut (check out at the end of the tab).

Go to Esino Lario in the hamlet of Cainallo and leave your car at the parking lot Vò di Moncodeno. Walk along the path leading to Grigna (the signposts indicate Bietti, Bogani and Brioschi mountain huts). Take the detour to path 23 going to Mount Croce, the trail continues uphill marked by signposts. After about 20 minutes at a crossroad turn right onto path 23a leading first to Baitello dell’Amicizia and then to Mount Croce. Baitello dell’Amicizia, a small hut belonging to the town of Esino Lario, shows up after a short climb in the wood. From here in a few minutes it’s possible to reach the cross located on the summit of Mount Croce (1780 m.a.s.l.). All together, from the start, it’s a relaxed 40 minutes walk.

Instead of going back on the same path it’s possible to take a circuit  (loop-path) going through Bocchetta di Prada and passing Bietti mountain hut (about 2 hours long) returning then to Cainallo (another 1 hour and 10 minutes). Following are the directions. Take path 17D and move on along the ridge for a few minutes direction Mount Pilastro (1823 m.a.s.l.) with a great view over Grigna and the well known Porta di Prada. From there go downhill: it is the most difficult part of the whole trail, the path is a bit steep and it’s necessary to pay attention. Once arrived at Bocchetta di Prada (1653 m.a.s.l.) follow the path going down to Cainallo until Brigata Garibaldi. Path 24 will take you to Bietti mountain hut, going through Porta di Prada. Time needed is 2 hours. Go back to the parking lot Vò di Moncodeno through path 24. Time needed is 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Photos by Manuela Magni.


Address:Loc. Cainallo, Esino Lario LC


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