From Cainallo to Porta di Prada and Bietti mountain hut

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


Leave the resort Cainallo in the municipality of Esino Lario and climb up Grigna Settentrionale (northern Grigna) , through the beautiful Porta di Prada , until Bietti mountain hut.

The itinerary is easy and to travel in summer. It is well marked and very popular. Time needed : approx. 1 hour and a half.

We remind you that Vò di Moncodeno car park is a toll parking lot : from July 2015 a parking meter is placed at Cainallo mountain hut , which can be found just before starting the walk.

Leave the car then follow the signposts to Bietti – Buzzi mountain hut. The first part of the itinerary , approx. 45 minutes , goes uphill through the wood. At the junction , near the detour taking to Bogani mountain hut , continue following the directions to Bietti mountain hut. At the end of this first part climb over to reach Bocchetta di Prada. From here it also starts the itinerary to Monte Croce. Keep following the path and within a few minutes Porta di Prada can be seen. After the usual photos pass below the well known great rock of the Grigna.

The path continues fast with some ups and downs and views over the lake on the right and the Grigna massive on the left. In another 45 minutes Bietti mountain hut is in sight.

From here it’s possible to move on through several routes taking to Bogani mountain hut , Brioschi mountain hut and the summit.


Address:Cainallo, Esino Lario (LC)


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