From Crandola to Alpe Piazza


We suggest an easy itinerary to travel in all seasons. The starting point is in the village of Crandola located in Alta Valsassina: move along the agricultural, farming and woodland road starting at the end of Via Ai Maggenghi, the beautiful pasture Alpe Piazza can be reached in approx. 1 hour.

It’s a path to travel walking or by mountain bike and in winter it is also suitable for snowshoeing or ski touring. Should you wish, it can also be climbed up along the old dirt road cutting across the road.

The road rises gently. In summer it’s well shaded by the trees and it offers beautiful views either over Mount Muggio and the lake, or over the majestic Grigna.

Once in Alpe Piazza there is a small group of delightful little cottages and a beautiful fountain to quench your thirst.

Rise just above them to get to a large lawn with a beautiful iron cross (Merin Cross) and the view opens over Mount Legnone and the Pian delle Betulle can be seen as well.

Every year on the second Sunday of July the Alpini from Margno and Crandola organize a party in the area, with the Holy Mass at the Cross, typical lunch and joyful singing.

From Alpe Piazza it’s possible to move on to Pian delle Betulle (approx. 30 minutes), passing by Alpe Grasso (approx. 15 minutes). All these routes are accessible in winter.


Address:Alpe Piazza, Crandola Valsassina LC


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