From Indovero to Intelco and Ortighera


A simple itinerary , suitable for every season of the year , to walk peaceful into the wood without any difficulty and arrival in a surprisingly remarkable setting with a wonderful view.

Leave the car in the hamlet of Indovero , within the village of Casargo , and head towards the small Madonna di Pomaleccio church. From here , in approximately 1 hour time , an easy dirt mule road leads to Alpe Intelco. The path in the wood is pleasant and the ascent is rather sweet. Once in Intelco a small group of mountain huts is seen and it’s possible to start appreciating the view over Mount Cimone di Margno.

From here , in approximately 15 minutes , the itinerary gets to Alpe Ortighera. This last part of the way offers sweeping views over Premana and the High Valvarrone and at end the imposing Mount Legnone is faced. At the arrival there’s the large barn used as a shelter for animals , a beautiful green lawn for a picnic and a nice chapel with St. Antonio and the animals , through whose glass it’s possible to enjoy a beautiful view.

The itinerary can be travelled entirely by mountain bike.

It’s possibile to continue to Alpe Giumello.


Indirizzo:Via Pomaleccio, Casargo LC


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