From Piani di Bobbio to Piani di Artavaggio through the Stradini Path


We suggest a rather challenging trek, not due to its length, but because of the attention needed in some exposed sections along the way.

Take the cable car in Barzio and go up to Piani di Bobbio (1857 m.a.s.l.) then walk towards Lecco Mountain Hut.

From there move on to the nearby Bocchetta Pesciola and take the path to Sentiero degli Stradini a trail running close to the rocky walls of Zucco Pesciola.

The path includes brief exposed sections equipped with a metal cable.

Passing by Casera Campelli, in just over 2 hours the trail leads to Piani di Artavaggio (arrival at about 2000 m.a.s.l).

In general the trail develops by taking trekkers on a continuous up and down thou remaining at high altitude and it doesn’t show any particular difficulty other then requiring particular attention when walking along the exposed sections (always equipped with metal cables). The view and the beauty of these mountains repays the effort.

At the end of the path is Piani di Artavaggio near Cazzaniga Merlini mountain hut and just below it is Rifugio Nicola.

To go back it’s also possible to go down to Moggio by cable car and from there take the free shuttle bus. It is available in the summer and it takes to Barzio to the cable car bottom terminal. Cable cars and shuttle info on

Discover also Campelli loop – trail from Piani di Artavaggio to Piani di Bobbio.


Address:Piani di Bobbio, Barzio LC


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