From Premana to Alpe Premaniga

Photo credits: Luca Grigna Colzani


Premaniga ( 1400 m ) is one of the twelve pastures in Premana.

Mountain pastures or “ Mont ”, as they are called in Premana , are scattered everywhere on the whole area and in the past used to be the location for summer pastures of cattle and goats. In Premaniga in particular , unlike in other pastures , transhumance is still practiced thanks to a group of willing farmers and the ” casina ” recently restored and used for processing milk. Nowadays Alpe Premaniga , just like the other “ Mont ”, has essentially become the summer holiday residence of the inhabitants of Premana. Due to its proximity to Pizzo Alto it is also a transit point for many hikers passing by on the way to win its summit.

It is certainly a place of incredible beauty , as we are told by the photos by Giamba Gianola.

It can be reached in about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Premana starting from Via Martiri di Cefalonia. Walk along the path winding up the mountain and pass through the hamlet of Pezzaprà. As an alternative follow the new agricultural , farming and woodland road which can also be travelled by mountain bike.

In the pasture there is the Bar Ristoro Alpe Premaniga , with bar and restaurant service.


Indirizzo:Alpe Premaniga, Premana LC


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