Historic village in Margno

Photo credits: Gabriele Albertazzi


The village of Margno located in Alta Valsassina has ancient origins.

In the old town are still preserved several stone portals dating back to the Upper and Lower Middle Ages, when Margno turned itself into a defensive fortress against possible attacks coming from Valle del Pioverna.

The houses of the historic village, in fact, were placed along a slope while the parish church of S. Bartolomeo was built aside from them and placed on the upper side of the whole nucleous. This organization of the the village was meant to be arranged in defense of the church. In the maze of the winding streets and alleys, the assailants remained easily trapped, the buildings being so close to each other and joined together by a system of overpasses, allowed the inhabitants to move quickly and safely from one house to the other in case of attack. There used to be also a medieval defensive tower located in Vicolo Stretto. The tower was cut down while serving at the time of some war. In addiction to its military function it also had the civil use to notify the inhabitants in case of danger.

The old town can be visited by following two different tours: that of the Antichi Portali (Ancient Portals) and that of the Siti dei Vecchi Mestieri (Sites of the Old Crafts). They are both explained in a large map placed in the municipal square and in other maps placed elsewhere within the village. All the maps are marked and indicated by numbered signposts.

In the town hall and at the tourist office is available a paper leaflet, otherwise it can be downloaded here: Historic Village Tour.

Photos  by Graziano Peverelli.


Address:Via Vittorio Veneto, 27 Margno LC
Phone:+39 0341840049


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