Madonna del Ghisallo Sanctuary and Cycling Museum

Photo credits: Museo del Ghisallo


Madonna del Ghisallo Sanctuary and Cycling Museum are located in Magreglio in the province of Como, on a hill which is very popular among bikers and has been home of many famous competitions; here there’s a beautiful landscape on Lake Como.

Ghisallo’s hill links Valassina with the high part of the Lake. On the top at 754 meters above sea level, there’s a small church: Madonna del Ghisallo Sanctuary. A legend says that its name comes from a certain Ghisallo, which was attacked by robbers and wanted a Church to be built there. It keeps important relics about the world of cycling.

Ghisallo can be reached by two sides, but the most popular among bikers is the road coming from Bellagio, which is the hardest one. It starts with an uphill which is 4 kilometers long, than there are 3 kilometers of flat road  and a final uphill of 1,5 kilometers until the top. The total ascent is about 500 high-meters. Ghisallo’s uphill is known for some important competitions like “Giro di Lombardia” or “Giro D’Italia” for this reason Ghisallo is a popular destination, as it is patron of cycling. Near the sanctuary there is the Biker’s Monument, designed and made by the sculptor Elio Ponti.

It’s worth seeing this location to discover new beautiful spots in the nature while doing sports outside and trying the typical cuisine. The Museum, founded in 2006 by the biker Fiorenzo Magni, is dedicated to the bike world and for this reason it promotes this sport with all its values and memories. It has 3 floors and it includes a collection about cycling like the one of “Pink Jersey”

The museum is open from the first Saturday of March till the first Sunday of November every day from 9.30am to 5.30pm.


Adults: 6 euros.

University students, bikers, Italian Touring Club’s members: 5 euros

Youngsters from 9 to 17 years: 3 euros

Photos by Paolo Bosca and Cycling Museum


Address:Via Gino Bartali, 4, 22030 Magreglio, CO, Italia
Phone:+39 031965885


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