Moncodeno Cave in Grigna mountain


The Northern Grigna is not only a place where renowned climbings have been made, but is also a place deeply studied and explored during the last 40 years by numerous speleologists.

The Grignone is one of the largest and more important Italian karstic basins: there are wide white stretches and hundreds of caverns, predominantly grown vertically, due to the limestone. In particular, over the last 25 years, the knowledge about cavities has increased and still nowadays most of the caves are under exploration.

The Moncodeno cave with the glacier part is near the Rifugio Bogani and it can be reached from Alpe Cainallo, following the path number 25. Just before the huts of Moncodeno, at an altitude of 1700 meters, leave the path and turn on your left: pay attention and follow the yellow signals painted on the trees and the rocks until you will reach the entrance of the glacier part, after about 15 minutes from the deviation.

If you are interested in visiting the glacier cave please contact the mountain guides (Le Guide Alpine del Lario e delle Grigne). It is possible to organize guided visits.

Photo of the Moncodeno cave  by web site.

Photo of the W Le Donne Cave by InGrigna project.


Indirizzo:Rifugio Bogani, Esino Lario, LC


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