MUU Milk and History of the Muggiasca Museum


MUU is the Milk and History of the Muggiasca Museum in Vendrogno. It was created with the task of preserving and passing on facts and traditions linked to life and material culture in the Muggiasca.

The aim is to promote a shared and sustainable vision of the land and its development, as a synthesis of economy and culture.

The MUU was inaugurated in Vendrogno in June 2008 in the area of the former shifting-dairy. It’s run by the social no profit association Insieme per il Museo di Vendrogno, with the support of the Vendrogno Municipality. Since 2010 the museum is part of the System Museum in the Province of Lecco.

The main tour is made up from the full dairy equipment, exhibited in the four original rooms that once made up the working area of ​​the shifting-dairy and now occupying the Museum ground floor.

The other rooms display in turns objects, images, archival materials and multimedia tools related to different aspects of culture, economy and history of the country: from the wood to domestic life, from emigration to the beauty of the landscape.

Opening 2021: consult the calendar of openings from May to October 2021 in the gallery opposite. Visits to the museum are allowed upon reservation.

Free entry during opening hours

1 euro fee per person for tours upon appointment


Address:Via Parrocchiale 1 – Vendrogno (LC)
Phone:+39 0341870157 e +39 3333823413 e +39 3394552488


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