Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola Nature Reserve

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


Pian di Spagna is the small plain located at the confluence of Valtellina and Valchiavenna, between Lake Mezzola and the north part of Lake Como.

Pian di Spagna and Lago di Mezzola Nature Reserve was established by the Lombardy Region in 1983 in order to ensure the suitable environment for stopping and nesting migratory birdlife and to protect and maintain the natural and landscape characteristics of the area.

The Reserve’s surrounded by three mountain groups: to the north-west the Lepontine Alps with the rocky slope of Monte Berlinghera (1930 m) which seems to descend into Lake Mezzola; to the north-east the Rhaetian Alps with the granite peaks that surround the Valle dei Ratti and Val Codera and with the square rocky spur of the Sasso Manduino (2888 m); to the south the long chain of the Orobiche Alps, with the scenic north side of Monte Legnone (2609 m).

The Nature Reserve’s morphology allows you to know and appreciate its historical and environmental aspects, through some itineraries you can find directly on the Reserve website:

Visits are possible in all seasons, although it is advisable to avoid the hottest moments of the summer days. Some routes can be done entirely only accompanied by a Reserve Guide.

Photo gallery by Flavio Bortolussi.


Indirizzo:Riserva Naturale Pian di Spagna e Lago di Mezzola, Via della Torre, Sorico, CO, Italia
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