Poetic Itinerary of Antonia Pozzi

Photo credits: Paolo Bosca


The Antonia Pozzi itinerary in Pasturo, in Valsassina, consists of 20 stages along the streets of the village, which lead up to the discovery of the work of the poet and the village she loved so much. Along the itinerary there are 20 permanent information plaques, with photos made by the poet herself, combined with verses of her poems or short passages of her diaries and letters.

It is possible to organize guided visits at Antonia Pozzi’s house: advance reservations and a minimum of 10 participants are required. Please, contact the Culture’s Council Member Moneta Andrea (mob. 340 5543290) or email info@comune.pasturo.lc.it

Antonia Pozzi came from a wealthy family, her father was an important lawyer in Milan and her mother a countess. She started writing her first poems during adolescence, and during the period of University of Milan she attended famous intellectual of the period.

Antonia loved writing, she had a diary and wrote lots of letters. She also planned to write an historical novel about Lombardy. Antonia also had other passions: such as photography, learning foreign languages and nature, she travelled around Italy and Europe.

Anyway, her favourite place remained her fabulous villa in Pasturo, at the foot of Grigna Mountain. Antonia loved writing and reading in the library. We can find references about Lake Como and its beautiful landscapes in her poems and verses.

Antonia was a sensitive and sweet person, unfortunately she psychologically suffered for some family’s restrictions and for the difficult historical and political moment, such as for the racial laws that caused the loss of some Antonia’s friends. Antonia killed herself only twenty-six, one night in December 1938.

She is buried in the cemetery of Pasturo: the funeral monument, a bronze Christ, is the work of the sculptor Giannino Castiglioni.

Source: Wikipedia and Valsassinacultura.it


Address:Pasturo, LC, Italia
Phone:+39 3405543290 (Assessore alla cultura Moneta Andrea)


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