Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime di Lezzeno (sanctuary)


The Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime (Shrine of Our Lady of Tears) is located in Bellano on Lake Como, exactly in the village of Lezzeno.

According to tradition on August 6th, 1688 a local farmer on his way home was passing in front of a chapel where a round plaster image of the Virgin was placed. After saying his prayer, the Hail Mary, he surprisingly noticed that Our Lady was crying tears of blood. Immediately he ran to warn his relatives and the priest who then warned the bishop in Milan. Two years later on August 6th, 1690 the first stone of the Sanctuary was laid. In it there’s a niche above the altar where is placed the round plaster with the image of Mary.

The Sanctuary of Lezzeno rises above a panoramic hill overlooking the lake.

It has an elegant Baroque facade, simple and clean with a few decorations. Next to the church, on the right side, there is the bell tower.

Inside there’s a single nave richly decorated with marble (including the black marble of Varenna), stuccos and paintings. Behind the altar there’s a rich collection of votive offerings.

The sanctuary is surrounded by a large square accessible using two staircases. The northern one is enriched by seven tabernacles with modern mosaics representing the Sorrows of Our Lady.

From the sanctuary going up to the left along a wide cobbled mule track, it’s possible to reach in just a few minutes the Cappella del Miracolo (Chapel of Miracle). It was built in 1888 to celebrate the second centenary of the event. Inside it is the original shrine with a replica of the round plaster now placed above the main altar of the sanctuary.

large indoor hall welcomes the visiting pilgrims, with tables for lunch and toilet, and at the back of the church there is a nice playground for the children.

The sanctuary is always open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Address:Via Statale, Dongo, CO, Italia





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