Taceno Frescoes

Photo credits: Comune di Taceno


The frescoes in Taceno , painted in the old core of village , make up an interesting itinerary to discover the old city and memories of the past. The works depict the old crafts and commercial activities that once took place in the village and act like ” windows to the past “, telling the visitors through images about the ancient works and duties and reminding youger generations about their roots while passing on local traditions.

The frescoes:

  • A window to the past, by Irene Colombo
  • Life in the camps, by Pavel Gutu
  • Stay together, by Luigi Mantica
  • The baker, by Tiziano Lucchesi
  • The coppersmith, by Tiziano Lucchesi
  • The cheesemaker, by Donato Frisia Jr.
  • The blacksmith, by Eliana Pechenino and Erika Riehle
  • Chat in tavern, by Paola Magini
  • Thanksgiving, by Salvatore Caramagno
  • Everyday, by Rosalba Citera
  • Emotions and games of yesteryear, by Franco Mora
  • Fruit and colors of our Valley, by Manuela Sabatini
  • The cobbler, by Rolando De Filippis
  • The joiner, by Irene Colombo
  • The hunter, by Manuela Sabatini

For other informations about visits contact the Centro Unico Prenotazioni of Montagne Lago di Como.

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