To Grignetta through Cresta Cermenati

Photo credits: Alessia Bergamini


There are different itineraries to reach Grignetta , one of the most famous Lake Como mountains peak , known for its sour dolomitic steeples and for the amazing view that it offers to the hikers , as well as the climb heaven. Some routes are highly technical , so these are suitable to experienced mountain climbers , like Cresta Segantini Cresta Senigaglia and Direttissima.

Here we introduce to you the easiest itinerary : the peak slope from Resinelli going through Cresta Cermenati , that still has a considerable climb of 900 m , even though it not presents particular technical difficulties it requires attention , especially in the final stretch. If you want to face this trekking in total safety , we suggest to contact Guide Alpine del Lario e delle Grigne for an excursion tour.

The route starts in Pian dei Resinelli near Rifugio Porta ( 1426 m ), clearly marked in the trail signs. The itinerary begins in the wood and then it goes in an area without vegetation , where the path becomes clear in all its steepness. You climb on hight rocky steps and you go through slopes , canals and screes , while the green meadows give way to the Grignetta’s spires , which offer remarkable landscapes on Lake Como. You finally reach Grigna Meridionale peak ( 2184 m ) where you find the Ferrario Bivouac and the new peak cross.

Difficulty level : EE ( Expert Excursionist )

Travel time : about 3 hour one-way

Photos by Laura De Capitani , Marzio Sambruni Vivisentieri and from the website


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