To Piani di Bobbio via Pequeno


This itinerary leads to Piani di Bobbio along the “Pequeno” path, an alternative route running from Barzio and retracing the route of the old chairlift operating in the 60s.

It’s a pretty steep path recommended on the way up to Bobbio and a little less on the way down.

Start from Barzio graveyard and follow the signposts to Piani di Bobbio – Pequeno.

After a few gently sloping hairpin turns there’s an isolated house and the remains of an old pillar of the chairlift. A little further on some signposts lead to a trail climbing steeply through the wood. After an ascent of about 15 minutes a rocky area with some turns and steps is reached. Once this part is over the path suddenly continues off the wood and it appears a clearing where the beautiful Masone Mountain Hut stands (1124 m.a.s.l.). To get here time needed is about 45 minutes.

Going up the lawn, follow the path and get into the wood. Then the vegetation becomes sparser and some rocky plates are found here and there. After about half an hour from the mountain hut the ruins of the old middle station of the chairlift are found. The climb is not calming down, but behind it there is a wonderful view of the valley.

In about 45 minutes climb the path comes to the open space in front of the old Hotel Pequeno now closed and abandoned.

From here there’s a comfortable carriage road which, in about a quarter of an hour, leads to Piani di Bobbio nearby “Fortino” chairlift.

Photos by Lau Retta.


Address:Via Robiasca, 6, Barzio LC


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