Villa Carlotta (historic villa)

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Villa Carlotta, overlooking the lake Como, in the village of Tremezzo, is a fascinating location where the beauties of nature and human intelligence’s masterpieces live since a lot of ages.

Bulit at the end of the 17th century by Clerici Marquises from Milan, this Villa opens the doors of its beautiful botanical garden to millions of visitors from all over the world. In the garden visitors can enjoy a unique experience between colors and scents, it keeps hydrangeas, roses, azaleas, camelias rhododendron and suggestive areas as the Citrus’ Tunnel and the Romantic Garden, but also fountains, water games and sculptures.

The ticket for the Botanical garden allows visitor sto make a tour in the Museum, which is in the Villa: there are important art objects as the amazing painting which represents the last kiss between Romeo and Juliet, made by Francesco Hayez. On the first floor there are different rooms as the Marble Room, the Chalk Room and the Napoleonic Room. On the second floor visitors can see the forniture, the private rooms and Princess Carlotta’s objects; she got this Villa in the middle of  19th century for the occasion of the marriage with George II. Villa Carlotta keeps an historical archive and the Belloni zecchinelli’s archive.


  • From 31st March, villa Carlotta is open every day from 10am to 6pm (last ticket)


  • Adults € 12,00
  • Over 65 with IC € 10,00
  • Youngsters from 6 to 17 years € 6,00
  • Families 2 adults +  youngsters from 6 to 17 years € 24,00
  • Groups (at least 20 persons)   € 10,00
  • Schools € 5,00

Photos by Aldo taborelli, A. Locatelli, Mary Zucchi,




Address:Villa Carlotta, Via Regina, Tremezzina, CO, Italia
Phone:+39 0344 40405


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