Villa Migliavacca (historic villa)


Villa Migliavacca dates back to the twenties of the‘900 and was built by Antonio Migliavacca, a well-known character in the Milanese scenery, frequently coming to Valsassina. He was a pioneer of the tourist development of the valley.

The beautiful building is located downtown in the village of Introbio and it has been designed recalling the particular style of the classic ‘400 in Milan a sample of which is the Sforzesco Castle in Milan with the distinctive facade made of bricks and interspersed with graffiti.

Surrounded by a high wall still made of bricks, it is located in a beautiful park and it’s accessible through a particular covered staircase.

Currently it houses the offices of the city administration and the Union of the Municipalities of Central Valsassina.

The inside setting is intact and it retains many of the original furnishings. The painting in the meeting room on the first floor is beautiful and it represents the Biandino Valley. The council room has characteristic brick vaults.

Throughout the year various events and exhibitions are held. Recently the celebrations for its centenary were held.

For the photos we wish thank our friends from La Valsassina in un Click.


Indirizzo:Viale della Vittoria, 2 Introbio LC


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