Bell tower of Lecco

Photo credits: Paolo Bosca


The bell tower of the church of St.Nicolò in Lecco is, among those non-adjacent to the church itselfthe second highest bell tower in Italy and among the highest ones in Europe. Due to its particular shape it is also nicknamed “The Pencil”.

It can be visited only on certain days and by appointment, thanks to a recent project intending to enhance this monument.

The guided tour of the bell tower is an interesting experience, both for the cultural and historical heritage, and for the panorama you can enjoy from the balcony on the belfry, with a 360° view over the mountains, the lake and the city of Lecco. Inside the belfry, there is a concert of 9 bells in B flat and the main bell alone weighs 27 hundred kilos.

In addition to the bell tower St.Nicolò Cathedral, the main church of the city, is also worth a visit. Coming first are a beautiful stone staircase and a large churchyard, then the Cathedral’s neoclassical facade. The interior, displaying three naves with side chapels and barrel vaultis decorated with frescoes and houses two well preserved pipe organs.

Informations fot visits to the Bell tower of Lecco:

  • Reservations are required, to be made by filling out the form on the website
  • The visit takes place in groups of a maximum of 13 people and is held under the constant accompaniment of a guideIt is forbidden to leave the group during the visit.
  • The visit includes an introductory moment and then climb the bell towerThe tour lasts approximately one hourincluding the descent.
  • The visits take place with staggered starts from each group every 20 minutes.
  • The tour includes several stops.
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable shoesYou have to hand over bags, jackets and other bulky at the wardrobe.
  • During the visit the participants are required to carefully observe all the indications of the guidesThe organization is not responsible for events or damage.
  • The climb to the bell tower is not recommended for people who have heart problemsvertigo or claustrophobia.
  • You have to show up at the entrance (oratorio San Luigi, piazza Sagrato, Lecco) at least 15 minutes before the booked tour. You must present the printed confirmation of booking and an idenity document.

Click here to find out the dates of the next openings.

For organized groups and / or schools

  • It is possible to organize visits on different daysby contacting the email address
  • You must present a list with the names of the participants.
  • It is possibile to orginize personalized visits.

For more informations contact the Booking Center of Montagne Lago di Como.


Address:Chiesa di S. Niccolò Lecco


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