Bellano Gorge

Photo credits: Angelo Colombo


Bellano Gorge is a natural waterfall, formed in ancient times by Pioverna creek flown into Lake Como, after going through the entire length of Valsassina’s valley.

Over thousands of years water has carved a deep gorge and shaped the magnificent cliffs of the mountain, creating a gloomy and picturesque environment.

The grave rumble of the turbulent waters and the wild beauty of nature have always inspired mysterious tales and legends and even nowadays these places are surrounded by an aura of mistery.

In the collective imaginary Cà del Diavol evokes fears and satanic rituals, maling the mysterious charm of the Orrido even more palpable. A cement walkway allows visitors to walk through the steep rocks and appreciate the charm of these places.

The Orrido is open all year round. In particular, during the hot summer days, it’a also possible to enjoy the coolness of the gorge.

Opening hours Summer 2020: all days from 10 to 7. Opening from 11th July.

Prices 2020:

  • whole € 4,00
  • reduced (up to 12 years old) € 3,50
  • groups beyond 25 people (these visits are announced, so contact us) € 3,00
  • children up to 5 years old: free

For informations about visits contact the Centro Unico Prenotazioni of Montagne Lago di Como.


Indirizzo:Piazza San Giorgio, Bellano (LC)


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