From Bajedo in Pasturo to Piani di Nava


An easy walk to walk in all seasons and suitable for everyone, including families with children, which takes us to the discovery of the green lawns at Piani di Nava.

Reach the hamlet of Bajedo in Pasturo and leave the car in the nearby car park. Get to a beautiful little church by moving through the characteristics narrow streets in the historical centre. Moving on go up towards the Rocca di Bajedo area, that once was a castle. Nowadays just a few ruins are left, but it is still famous because here took place the story of Lasco, the bandit of Valsassina.

At the crossroads there are three options: going right to the Rocca di Bajedo, straight on to the Sassi Rossi and left to Piani di Nava.

The path climbs up, well marked, with remarkable views over the plain of Pasturo, the Grigna and facing the Valsassinese Plateau.

In about an hour of easy walk is Piani di Nava, a green plateau, a place of relaxation and picnics.

From here it possible to move on to Riva Mountain Hut or to the little church of San Calimero and Pialeral and Rifugio Antonietta.


Indirizzo:Via Rocca, 26 Pasturo LC


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