From Grassi e Lunghi to Pialeral

Photo credits: Chiara Gallinaro


We suggest a simple itinerary at the foot of Grigna and Grignetta: it’s not necessary to reach the summit to enjoy the beauty of these “mythical” Lake Como mountains.

Start from Lecco and reach Ballabio in the hamlet of Balisio. Immediately after Tamoil petrol station, take the road on the left. The signposts display direction to the hamlet Ai Grassi e Ai Lunghi. This first stretch of the way can be travelled by car to reach Sacro Cuore Church (about 3 km) where car can be parked. From here follow the signposts to Pialeral and Rifugio Antonietta.

Soon after is the Farmhouse Ai Grassi e Ai Lunghi, where it’s possible to stop for a break to enjoy homemade cold cuts and cheeses. Nearby is also the Farmhouse Brunino with farm and refreshment.

The path goes into the wood and gently climbs along a dirt road that can be travelled by mountain bike as well. In about half an hour Pialeral hamlet can be reached, with views over Pasturo and the Valsassinese Plateau. The last part of the way is a bit steeper, but suitable to everyone.

In nearby Alpe Cova there are a lovely pond and several huts, going past Antonietta mountain hut.

The top of the Grigna stately overlooks these places and from here a path takes off leading to its summit and to Brioschi mountain hut.

Photos by Elisabetta Nava


Address:Loc. Ai Grassi e Ai Lunghi, Pasturo LC


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