Palazzo Gallio in Gravedona ed Uniti

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


Palazzo Gallio is an imposing ancient palace, built on a rocky promontory overlooking the town of Gravedona ed Uniti, in the area of north Lake Como.

The noble residence was built in 1586 by Tolomeo Gallio, cardinal and secretary of state to the papal throne. He, who had been entrusted with the county of the Three Parish Churches of Gravedona, Sorico and Dongo, entrusted the construction of the building to Pellegrino Tibaldi, architect of Cardinal Carlo Borromeo. The construction was completed after his death in 1607. The palace was inherited by his grandchildren, but never had a splendid life. Tradition recalls that it should have hosted that Council of the Catholic Counter-Reformation which was instead held in Trento. It was used by the French and Spaniards as a hospital, before being transferred to private hands in the early nineteenth century.

Palazzo Gallio currently belongs to Comunità Montana Alto Lario Occidentale, which has its headquarters here, and it’s a national monument.

The building has a square plan with four massive angular towers, connected together linked by narrow loggias. Two loggias open on the façade, one towards the mountain and one towards the lake: the second offers a splendid panorama of Lake Como Mountains, from here you can admire Mount Legnone and Mount Legnoncino.
Imposing the entrance and the large central hall, which reaches two floors in height, and which today is used for exhibitions, concerts and conferences. Palazzo Gallio does not present large-scale furnishings and works, presumably because the works were completed after the client’s death. It often hosts events and weddings.

Foto della galleria di Emilio Buzzella.

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Address:Palazzo Gallio, Via Regina Levante, Gravedona, CO, Italia
Phone:+39 034485291


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