Source and cave of Fiumelatte creek

Photo credits: Paolo Bosca


The Fiumelatte creek is a short water course originating from Grigna group of mountains and flowing into Lake Como near the homonymous village in Varenna.

It is known for the particular brevity of its course, only 250 meters.

Another particularity of the river is its regular intermittence since March 25th (which is also a festival of the village of Fiumelatte and Annunciation) until October 7th (Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Patron Saint of Varenna).

For this reason, it it nicknamed “River of two Virgin Marys”.

The intermittence is due to the fact that Fiumelatte creek represents the overflow of a karstic system, which begins in Moncodeno, inside the Grigna mountain.

In 1992, through an experiment with a non-toxic colourant in Abisso W Le Donne, located along the peak of Piancaformia, the link between Fiumelatte and the karst cave of Grigna Settentrionale (northern Grigna) has been demostrated.

The caves at the source of Fiumelatte stream and its evocative environment have favoured the birth of some legends.

From the cemetery of Varenna, on the left, there is a sign for the Fiumelatte’s source, where you can peek into the darkness of the cave.

Photo by: Carlo Borlenghi e Marco Pugliese


Indirizzo:Via Padre Luigi Mellera, Fiumelatte, LC