St. Assunta Church in Taceno


Taceno is a little mountain village situated near the Pioverna creek, in Alta Valsassina.

The parish church is situated quite lonely to the border of the inhabited area and , with its heavy bell tower , it dominates the surrounding area. The building dates back to 1406 and it was consecrated to Maria Assunta , patron of Taceno , in 1746.

The church has a white hut façade accompanied by a wide porch and by an elegant portal that leads to the aisle. Entering you can admire the presbytery , the central altar with two other lateral altars , dedicated to St Gioacchino and to St Anna and finally , the baptistery.

The most important part of the building is the pictorial one : the dome hosts a cycle of frescos made by Giovanni Maria Tagliaferri and his son Luigi , members of a famous family of painters that lived in Pagnona. Moreover , in the lateral parts of the building you can admire some canvas that represent : The apostles near the empty Assunta sepulchre and the coronation of Madonna Assunta , the annunciation to San Gioacchino , the education of the Virgin and the chapels of Way of Cross.

For more information see the documento by Marco Sampietro.


Indirizzo:Chiesa S. Maria Assunta, Via Vittorio Emanuele, Taceno, LC, Italia


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