To the Giumello cross

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


Walk from Alpe Giumello ( 1538 m ) to the big iron cross placed at the top of Mount Muggio ( 1800 m ) with a 360° panorama over Lake Como mountains , with breathtaking views over the lake , Valsassina , Valvarrone , Mount Legnone , Mount Legnoncino and further over Pizzo dei Tre Signori.

Reach Giumello going along a beautiful panoramic road with hairpin turns leading out from the village of Casargo to Alta Valsassina gently climbing at high altitude. Once there leave your car in the free car park.

There are several ways reaching up the cross , all of them equally simple. You can take the path leading to Alpe Chiaro ( on the left looking at the mountain ). Pass the small churcha , when near the pasture of cows , there is a signpost indicating the path to the cross of Mount Muggio. The path climbs up zigzagging with beautiful views over the lake. The summit , where there’s the big iron cross whose 100 years were celebrated in 2014 , can be reached in about 1 hour walk. On the cross is displayed , written in golden letters, the sentence ” In Hoc Vinces ” and a plaque at the base commemorates its installation.

The way back can be walked along  the same path or on the opposite side towards Alpe Chiaretto ( looking at the mountain on the right ).

These itineraries can be traveled by mountain bike and also in the winter with snowshoes or ski touring.

At Alpe Giumello there are Capanna Vittoria Mountain Hut , Shambalà Mountain Hut and Genio Shelter.

In winter Alpe Giumello is very popular both as a ski resort and for hiking.


Address:Alpe Giumello, Casargo LC


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