Trekking and biking on Mount Muggio trails

Photo credits: Luca Grigna Colzani


Mount Muggio si located in High Valsassina and is very popular among trekkers and mountain bikers for the scenic trails over Lake Como and its mountains.

Paths and trails climb up its slopes taking off from the villages located on the lakeDervio and Bellano. The routes allow the chance to stop at intermediate stages to rest or to drink at a water spring while the view opens wider and wider while walking up.

Among the favorite destinations are Alpe Camaggiore and San Grato, two panoramic balconies overlooking the lake; from here bikers also appreciate the steep descent to the valley.

Other trails suitable for mountain biking start from mid-mountain, from the hamlets of Vendrogno and Casargo villages, and getting to Alpe Giumello.

The loop-trail of Mount Muggio can be covered in about two and a half hours of light up and down biking. The trail leavs and returns to Giumello going through century-old beech trees woods and meadows, enlightening oneself with views over Valvarrone, the lake and Valsassina.

At Alpe Giumello are some mountain huts and shelters and a pasture producing cheese. The alp can be reached via direct drive for a picnic or a short walk, or for a climb to the huge iron cross placed on top of Mount Muggio. This ascent is to try in winter as well with snowshoes or ski touring.


Indirizzo:Alpe Giumello, Casargo LC