Mount Muggio loop-trail

Photo credits: Tantardini Roberta


The Mount Muggio loop – trail is a trekking that allows to enjoy the different sides of the mount and its landscapes on Valsassina , Valvarrone and Lake Como.

The starting point is the big parking of Alpe Giumello ( 1530 m ), where you can start the ring route  from both senses. In the pictures and in the description we chose to travel it in anticlockwise : watching the Giumello cross you have to take the right path and follow the trail sign ” Anello Monte Muggio “.

The route is almost completely flat. In some places it has passages on rocks, which can be overcome thanks to chains.

After passing through the Giumello green grasslands , overlooking Grigne and Pizzo Tre Signori mountain group , you take a narrower trail that crosses a magnificent secular beech trees wood. After about half hour of walk , you go down a slope until the St Ulderico Church ( 1394 m ), an ancient mountain church dating back to XI century that offers a spectacular view on Mount Legnone. You go up again to the ring path where you have to go through woods and lawns , admiring the sight of Valvarrone , until you reach a panoramic point down to Lake Como. We are over the villages of Dervio and Bellano where in the clear days the view spaces up to the Swiss Alps. A lanes goes until Alpe Chiaro and from here you can go back to Alpe Giumello.

  • Difficulty level : E ( Excursionist )
  • Travel time : about 2 hours and half

Photos by Noemi Malugani


Address:Alpe GIUMELLO, Via Monte Muggio, Narro-indovero, LC, Italia


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