Valentino Park and Coltignone Mount itinerary

Photo credits: Luca Grigna Colzani


We suggest you an easy and beautiful itinerary, starting from Piani dei Resinelli and going on through Valentino Park up to Belvedere (i.e. panoramic viewpoint) of Coltignone Mount. This itinerary has a circular route, suitable for everyone, including families with children, and it can be walked in all seasons.

Reach Piani dei Resinelli and leave the car in the parking near the skyscraper (it is possible to visit the Ancient Resinelli Mines) and from there, in few minutes, you will reach the entrance of Valentino Park. Then, leave on your right Villa Gerosa – House Museum of Grigne and continue uphill in the woods along a large mule track, following the direction “Monte Coltignone”.

In a little while, you will reach the famous Belvedere, a large panoramic natural balcony: from this point you will enjoy a remarkable view over Lecco, Lake Como, Braintei Lakes and, during the clearer days, you can see Brianza and Milan.

The trail continues as a ring, overlooking the Lake, and it is possible to start appreciating the view of Resegone Mount and Due Mani Mount. Following the direction “Paradiso or Cima Calolden” you will admire the panorama over the South Grigna Mount and finally you will arrive at the entrance of Valentino Park.

The whole walking takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Indirizzo:Ballabio, LC


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