Valvarrone Ecomuseum

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


Valvarrone ecomuseum was established in 2009 to enhance and reserve places and traditions of the valley. Thanks to the ecomuseum, 10 stations have been created and explained by billboards and are connected to each other through several thelematic titneraries:

  • The mirage from the Lake: to discover ancient churches, small chapels and shrines in the villages of Valvarrone.
  • To Roccoli, Lööch and trenches: paths through the woods, pastures and fortifications of the Valvarrone.
  • Military amphitheatres: in the footsteps of the Cadorna Line, between trenches, amphitheatres and the Legnoncino military road.
  • The valley of the mills: the old mills in Tremenico and Sueglio.
  • In the mine: cableways stationsi in Tremenico and feldspar caves in Valvarrone.
  • Mount Legnone: trekking on the hughest peak in the province of Lecco.

The routes can be travelled indipendently, or the ecomuseum can be contacted for guided and group tours.

For details and informations consult the Percorsi session of the Ecomusum websito, where are available to download the maps.

The Valvarrone Ecomuseum have headquarter in the Centro Scolastico of Valvarrone in the municipality of Vestreno (LC). It has three locals link offices, first center welcome, an information room and a multipurpose room, in common with the Centro scolastico.


Indirizzo:Via Dervio 225 Vestreno LC
Telefono:+39 0341807896