Acqua Bianca Cave in Mandello

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


The Ferriera ( o Ferrera ), named also Cave of Copper or Acqua Bianca Cave in Mandello del Lario , is one of the most known caves of Grigna, outside of speleology world.

Even Leonardo Da Vinci in the Atlantic Code mentions the charm of this natural cave , in which you still see the excavations , that are past activities tracks of iron hydroxide extraction.

The cave , formed by karst phenomena and composed by Limestone of Esino , is criss-crossed by one creek that disperses in the underground. The void that you can find in the current entrancy has recentrly opened , it is possible that in the past it was composed by a combination of galleries. The presence of water courses in the lateral tunnels and of big water sources (like the Acqua Bianca one ) under the cave are testimonies of underground circulation of water , but unfortunately it cannot be explored.

The cave is reachable from Rongio , in 30 minutes following the trail way 14 or 18.

Discover also the path of the River and Alpe Era and the Zucco of Manavello.

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