Troggia Waterfall

Photo credits: Luca Capobussi


Troggia is a creek from Lake Sasso , going through Val Biandino and , just above the village of Introbio , creating a beautiful waterfall with a 100 meters jump.

The Troggia Waterfall has been known since ancient times and quote of it is found even in the Atlantic Code by Leonardo ” in Valsassina betheen Vimogno and Introbio on the right side coming from Lecco, there’s the Troggia , a stream of water jumping off a huge stone to fall into the ground, giving life to a river “.

It is visible evenfrom the car while driving up along the provincial street going to Valsassina from Lecco , and is easily accessible along a path just over 1 km long which starts nearby the Ciresa premises.

The laziest one can travel a distance by car heading Val Biandino , then park and walk for 5-10 minutes to the base of the waterfall.

The show is outstanding : rocks surrounds the bubbling waterfall and water disappears info the pond , just like Leonardo da Vinci Wrote.

After the waterfall , Troggia creek joins Pioverna creek and , after running along the entire length of Valsassina , it roars in the gorges of the Bellano Gorge and finally flows into Lake Como.

Photos by Luca Capobussi


Indirizzo:Via Vittorio Emanuele, 60 Introbio LC


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