Alpe Paglio (alp)

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Alpe di Paglio is located in the territory of Casargo in Alta Valsassina , at the foot of the Cimone di Margno , with a beautiful views over Lake Como mountains.

It can be reached by car from Casargo in about 15 minutes. Once at the alp , the car can be left in a large car park.

It’s a very popular place in every season , because it offers many opportunities for hiking , both in summer and winter.

In summer the large lawn , once a popular ski slope , is a destination for many families who organize picnics and sunbathe in total relax and peace. At Alpe di Paglio there are some bars and restaurants.

Numerous excursions start from Paglio to Pian delle Betulle ( approx. 15 minutes walk ) and from here to Val Biandino , Pizzo Tre Signori and Valvarrone ( check out the details on the tab Pian delle Betulle ). They are all itineraries that can be enjoyed by mountain bike as well.

The monorail Bob Run is closed.

In a few minutes along the road to Pian delle Betulle there’s the Jungle Raider Park , an adventure park with courses built on the trees.

During the summer the Festa degli Alpini is a not-to-miss event taking place the second Sunday of August , with both an uphill time trial going on foot and by bike from Casargo and an alpine meal.

In winter Alpe di Paglio is ideal for snowshoeing and ski touring. In addition to the above mentioned itineraries , another very popular one is the loop : Pian delle Betulle , Lares Brusaa , Cimone di Margno and downhill to Paglio along the former ski slope.

It is also very popular among families who want to enjoy the snow having fun with bobsleigh and toboggan.

During the winter season two not-to-miss events are : the ski touring race Rally Pizzo Tre Signori which is part of the Italian championship and the nice Chiaro di Luna night excursion organized by AS Premana.


Address:Alpe di Paglio, Casargo LC


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