Corenno Plinio hamlet and castle

Photo credits: Enrico Minotti


In Dervio there is a characteristic fortified village carved into the rock and a medieval castle known as Corenno Plinio the One Thousand Steps Village.

The hamlet grew around the castle and the church located on the promontory and from there it’s possible to get a great view over the lake. Going up from the village, ancient patrician villas are seen and through steep “scalotte”, typical stone staircases with characteristic steps cut into rock, it’s possible to get to the cobbled square.

The castle, erected in the tenth century, stands out on the ruins of an ancient building which was not a house, but a fortess. It has a wall crowned with battlements and is a typical example of a castle-enclosure, that is a fortification built as shelter for the population in case of attaks. It has two towers: one is sail-shaped (meaning it’s open inside) while the other is square.

St. Thomas of Canterbury church is also worth a visit, with its ancient frescoes and the particular churchyard with gothic sculptures and arches.

Every year at the beginning of September a reminescent medieval demostration is held: fighting, knights wearing costumes and playing music, show the landing of Barbossa Emperor. Guided tours of the castle and the village are organized.

From 2022 the entrance to the Corenno Plinio hamlet and castle has become paid. Click here to find out more


Address:Castello di Corenno Plinio, Dervio LC


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