Mount Due Mani loop-trail


Mount Due Mani , despite its modest height ( 1655 m ), has a very panoramic peak. It is situated at the beginning of Valsassina , it offers an interesting view on Grigne , that are right in front of the mount , and on all the valley.

There are different itineraries to reach Mount Due Mani , we propose to you a loop – trail that starts in Cremeno ( about 790 m ). Starting from Loc. Casere , in Maggio of Cremeno , you have to climb following an easy laned and then you continue on a path , steep in some lines , that leads until the mountain pasture , situated about 40 minutes walking under the Cima ( top ) of Desio. Once that you have reach the top , you take a panoramic trail that in 15 minutes leads to the peak of Mount Due Mani.

Here you can find the peak cross and Locatelli – Milani – Scioli bivouac , a fiberglass building shaped like an igloo. The structure contains two tables , four benches and a cabinet ; over the portholes windows there are the indications of the visible tops , starting from the door clockwise we can see : Monviso , Mount Rosa , Grignone , Grignetta , Legnone , Pizzo Tre Signori , Campelli , Sodadura , Arera , Alben , Costa del Palio , Resegone , Appennini. The view spaces also on Lecco and Valsassina and on Pusiano , Annone and Garlate Lakes.

You travel the way down through a trail that reach Culmine di San Pietro and than coming againt to the laned that goes to Maggio.

Difficulty level : EE ( Expert Excursionist )

Travel time : about 2 hours and 30

There are other itineraries to reach Mount Due Mani :

  • From Morterone , following the trail n. 33 , in about 1 hour and 30
  • From Culmine di San Pietro about 2 hours and 30
  • From Ballabio , following the path n. 30 , in about 2 hours

Photos by Laura De Capitani , Monica Barri and from the website


Address:Casere di Balisio, Cremeno LC, Italia


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