St. Margherita church

Photo credits: Pietro Buttera


Santa Margherita church dates back to the eleventh century. Standing alone on a rock named Sasso della Guardia, it is located in the hamlet of Somadino in Casargo.

The location is strategically significant and testfies its military origin, in defence of Valsassina and Valvarrone.

The building has a single nave, of a small size, and is preceded by a porch. The most significant roman witnesses are the semicircular apes and the frescoes of the early decades of the twelfth century, the only roman painting remaining in the whole valley.

In the frescoes, wich recall Byzantine art, are a Pantocrator Christ, a Virgin and some saints, while on the northern wall there is a fresco depicting the Virgin with ST. Rocco and Margherita.

The church is devolved to the cult of St. Margherita who some claim to be the girl rescued by St. Giorgio in the fight with the dragon. A legend instead wants her to be the sister of the Saints Heremits from Lario, whom various churches and oratories in the valley are dedicated to.  Once, being able to see each other, they held an important share in the defence. Among these are the churches of Camaggiore and San Grato in Vendrogno, St. Ulderico in Casargo and St. Calimero in Pasturo.

For the autonomous visit contact the guardian Margherita Pensotti at +39 0341840737.

For guided vist (on appointment) call the Pro Loco of Casargo.


Address:Località Somadino, Casargo LC
Phone:Pro Loco Casargo +39 3472196973


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