From Cainallo to Northen Grigna peak

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


The Northen Grigna peak is the highest of the Grigne group with its 2410 m. It is an arrival point of many itineraries and it offers a wonderful landscape on Alps and Prealps. In this listing we suggest the slope along the itinerary Cainallo , Bogani , Via della Ganda , Rifugio Broschi ( trail 25 ).

The start is at Alpe Cainallo ( about 1300 m ), where you can park your car ( paying ). In this first line of the path you have to pay attention to the trail signs because the first line is in common with the other trails , that leads to Mount Croce and Pilastro ( n. 23 ) and to Rifugio Bietti ( hut , n. 24 ). You have to follow always the trail sign Bogani – Brioschi n. 25 and , between beech and larch trees woods , rocky zones and some peaks and troughs , you reach the Moncodeno Alp ( 1680 m ) , the crossroad to the Glacier , and then Rifugio Bogani ( hut ) in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Once you have passed Bogani hut and the crossroad to Riva hut , you find a Virgin Mary in bronze on a rock and you enter in the Grignone screes. The path has a stone surface and it alternates uphill stretch with small turns. The last 100 m lines are the more challenging , very steep on smooth rocks. You can find some chains that could help you to climb without sliding, then you finally reach near Rifugio Brioschi ( hut ) and observation deck.

In the peak you can find a little Church in glass that is dedicated to St. Mary of the paths , the peak cross and a sort of cylinder that presents the names of the tops and of the locations that you can admire , its high and the direction in wich you have to see.

Travel time : about 3 hours

Difficulty : E ( Excursionist )

We suggest to do this itinerary in summer , after melting snow.

There is also a variant of this route that foresees to reach the peak walking through the Crest of Piancaformia ( trail 19 ). The crossroad is situated near Rifugio Bogani. The climb has a travel time of 3 hours and 30 , and an higher difficulty level EE ( Expert Excursionist ).

Discover also the route from Balisio Hill to the Northen Grigna peak.

Photos by Gabriele Invernizzi and Valeria Viglienghi


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