From Balisio Hill to Northen Grigna peak

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


The Northen Grigna peak is the highest of the Grigne group with its 2410 m. It is an arrival point of many itineraries and it offers a wonderful landscape on Alps and Prealps. In this listing we suggest the slope along the itinerary Balisio , Sacro Cuore Church , Pialeral , Brioschi following the trails 31 and then 33.

You can start from Balisio in Ballabio ( 720 m ), or you can reach by car the chapel of Sacro Cuore ( about 820 m ), along a an about 3 km dirt road. Alternatively you can go to Pialeral from Pasturo. Nearby are the Grassi and Lunghi and Brunino. You reach Alpe Cova and then the Antonietta al Pialeral Refuge (1365 m), between landscapes on Pizzo Tre Signori , Grignetta , Grignone and Zuccone Campelli. You walk in a wood , following a steep path between rocks. You go on between grasslands , following the maximum inclination line until you see a rock that serves as a crossroad for the summer route and the winter route ( red inscription ).

Summer route: Travel time 3 hours and 30, Difficulty E ( Excursionist )

If you decide to proceed with the summer route , the trail has since the beginning a sustained inclination. The path develops just below the crest that with steep rising gradients leads to Bocchetta of Releccio ( 2263 m ), after a last steep bound , you reach some steps that lead to the observation deck of Rifugio Brioschi ( 2410 m ).

In the peak you can find a little Church in glass that is dedicated to St. Mary of the paths , the peak cross and a sort of cylinder that presents the names of the tops and of the locations that you can admire , its high and the direction in wich you have to see.

Winter route: Travel time 4 hours and 30 Difficulty A ( Alpinist ) – Easy itinerary for alpinists with different levels of difficulty according to the conditions of enneigement.

The winter choise , instead , goes on from Baite dei Comolli and Bivacco Riva Girani ( 1830 m ), through a very steep rap , called wailing wall , until the Grignone north – east crest. This is the more challenging part of the itinerary because of the slope that reach 45 grades and of the eventual accumulation of snow that you can find ; for this reason it is necessary to carry with you the proper equipment ( crampons and pick ).

Discover also the route from Cainallo to the Northen Grigna peak.
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