Trails and mountain huts in Northern Grigna

Photo credits: Luca Grigna Colzani


Northern Grigna is well known in the mountaineering world, thanks to the routes that once were the gym for great climbers, such as Cassin and Bonatti.

Its elegant silhouette overlooks Lake Como and its peak offers a unique view over the Alps, Brianza and Milan.

It offers several opportunities for hiking, mountaineering and ski touring, some of which are also suitable for average hikers and even families.

The main routes heading to Grigna start from Mandello del Lario, from Valsassina (with paths going from Pasturo to Pialeral and Rifugio Antonietta) or from Cortenova up to Valle dei Mulini and from Alpe Cainallo in Esino Lario to Porta di Prada and Bietti mountain hut or Alpe Moncodeno and Rifugio Bogani.

The mountain huts, located at intermediate height, allow to stop for a break before reaching the top. Among the most famous routes for the summit and Brioschi mountain hut are Cresta di Piancaformia ( Piancaformia Ridge ), Caminetto and Guzzi. Also popular are Traversata Bassa ( Low Crossing ) and Traversata Alta ( High Crossing ) connecting Grigna and Grignetta.

To live the experience of hiking in Grigna it’s not necessary to get to the summit. There are many paths winding at the foot of the mountain standing over beautiful meadows, valleys and woods, with walks accessible to everybody.

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Photos by Alessia Bergamini and Valeria Viglienghi.


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